Ladyboy cabaret – Krabi

During the day we’d hear vans going past announcing events happening that night for parties, Muay Thai and ladyboy cabaret! As soon as I heard the announcement for ladyboy cabaret I wanted to go. It sounded like so much fun. Kyle really didn’t want to go though and Marc flat out refused… What’s wrong with these boys?!? It took a LOT of convincing but eventually Kyle agreed to go. He probably realised I’d go on and on and on about it until he gave in.

We turned up to the cabaret show and we were one of five couples in the audience. There were more ladyboys than there were audience! It was really annoying that you couldn’t take pictures or film during the show! Some of the ladyboys looked amazing. You couldn’t tell whether they were actually men or women. Some of them looked absolutely stunning but couldn’t dance to save their lives. It was so cringe how bad some of them were. They probably should have invested in some dance lessons before joining a cabaret show!

One ladyboy dressed as Barbie and sang Barbie girl (duh). She had stuffed her bra with bean bags and was getting people to put money into her bra. She would just stand there until you put money in. Luckily we were in the back row and she couldn’t reach us!

At the end of the show you could take pictures with the ladyboys but they wanted you to pay 40 baht per person per picture. We took a picture with one of them and they asked for the money straight away. It was quite sad how desperate they all were. I guess they make very little (minimum wage in Thailand is 300 baht a day) and have to make it in tips. It was a little sad though and kind of ruined the show.



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