Sleeper train to Chumphon

Tired of Bangkok and wanting some sea and sand, we booked a ticket for the second class sleeper train to Chumphon and a catamaran to Koh Tao. The train was scheduled to leave at 9pm and arrive in Chumphon at 5 am! 9pm came and went and the train was still on the platform – we soon learned that nothing in Thailand runs on time. An hour or so later, the train left the station and we prepared for the long night ahead of us.


An hour into the journey, one of the train attendants came round to set up the beds with fresh linen, pillows, blankets and a curtain. The two bottom seats joined together to make a bunk. Whether you had the top or bottom bunk would depend on your seat number.



As soon as they set up the beds, I got into my bunk as the lady below me wanted to go to sleep. The carriage was freezing (A/C) and they didn’t turn the main light off! However I’d come prepared with long trousers, a fleece and an extra blanket so I was fine, but Marc and Kyle didn’t sleep a wink. I fell asleep and woke at 5am when the train attendant told me it was 10 minutes to Chumphon, which I thought was pretty efficient!

I actually really enjoyed the sleeper train experience – I’d do it again!



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