Month: March 2014

Arrived in Bangkok

Finally arrived in Bangkok! This place is absolutely crazy, already we’re weary of scams and the like. We arrived on Sunday at 7am and made our way to the hotel we’d booked using public transport. We couldn’t check in until 2pm so we dropped out stuff and changed into some cooler clothes. (It was already 30 degrees at about 10am).

The hotel advised us to go to the weekend market called Chutuchak and so off we went in search of a bus to take us there. We wondering the street map in tow (aka spot the farangs) when a seemingly lovely Thai woman offers to help us. She explained that it would take too long by bus and that we should take a tuk tuk… It would be cheap apparently. She negotiated with the tuk tuk driver who said he’d take us to various temples and wait for us all for 20 baht each. We jumped in thinking it was all good and how lucky we were that a Thai lady helped us….

We made our first stop at the ‘Lucky Buddha’ temple, I couldn’t believe we were the only ones there. It was EMPTY. It was a strange ‘temple’ and a ‘government official’ working there explained it was a Thai holiday and that’s why nobody was there. I found it all very strange, especially when the so-called government official told us of a shop nearby where we could get some tailor made suits. Anyway, we go back and our tuk tuk driver is waiting and he says next stop is ‘Thai Factory’… Definitely not a temple.

Good for suits. You need suit

We say to the tuk tuk driver that we don’t need suits and have no interest in going to look at suits, at which point he became very aggressive and said

look suits no KILL you. Just look

We’re thinking we should get out the tuk tuk asap but he takes us to the ‘Thai factory’, where they tried to sell us suits rather unsuccessfully. We stayed for all of 3 mins (the tuk tuk driver would have got a cut if we’d decided we wanted a suit. We left the shop and sure enough the tuk tuk driver was waiting. He wanted to take us somewhere else (probs another ‘lucky’ Buddha) but we asked him if he could take us somewhere to eat (we hadn’t eaten since the plane) and he was so pissed off. He dropped us at this horrible tourist restaurant and told us he’d wait. We didn’t want to eat in this horrible place so we continued down the road.. Hoping we might lose the tuk tuk driver too.

We came to this place that had loads of Thais sitting outside and ordered this gorgeous noodle dish. It was absolutely divine and set us back all of 65p.. Cheap as chips, or cheaper even.

After our lunch we decided the best way to lose the tuk tuk driver and help cure our jet lag was a Thai massage for an hour. It was so relaxing and my body felt like jelly afterwards. I could get used to these massages, especially at less than £4 a pop!!

Gorgeous food, tuk tuks and Thai massages…. Ain’t nowhere like Bangkok.

Manu x